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Generator of Model, Repository and Service for Spring Boot + sql2o

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Generator of Java code for Spring Boot + sql2o projects.

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It auto generates, from a database table:



See INSTALL.TXT . You can download the program at Releases.


  1. Open a cmd or a shell
  2. Go to the folder where you extracted EWA
  3. Go to src folder
  4. Copy config_example.ini in another .ini file, and edit it following its comments
  5. If you have Linux, you have to source See ORACLE.txt for more details
  6. Launch in the shell: > python3 --config YOUR_CONFIG.ini. If you have Windows, use python instead of python3
  7. Read and follow the instructions at the end of script launching

Tested databases

Oracle 12C+, MSSQL 2012+. Not all field types are currently supported. Please open an issue if you want me to add one.

Untested, but potentially working databases

I’m using sqlalchemy, so in teory I can support any database that it supports. If you want to add a database, please open an issue.